Our Fellows

The real story of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is the story of the Churchill Fellows – now numbering over 4,100 of Australia’s best and brightest. Their projects are totally diverse, are invariably innovative, are the result of extra endeavour and show an aspect of striving for excellence. These are the hallmarks of a Churchill Fellow.

What distinguishes these Australians is that they are all invariably talented, they all have the ability to go that little bit extra and they all have a willingness to share the results of their Fellowship with the community upon their return to Australia. They are exceptional people who have made and are continuing to make an important contribution to our society. They are committed people who want to make a real difference.

With a Churchill Fellowship, everyone benefits: the individual because their determination, drive and dedication is recognised, their organisation because one of their number is recognised for excellence, and Australia because the Churchill Fellow will return with skills and knowledge not readily attainable here.

Of necessity, most other fellowships and scholarships available in Australia are awarded according to varying levels of predetermined criteria. The Churchill Trust is different in that it can support any worthwhile endeavour with no preconceptions as to what form that endeavour can take. This is evidenced clearly by the extraordinary variety of spheres in which Churchill Fellows are involved.

Churchill Fellows have studied such diverse projects as:

  • establishment of a liver cell bank
  • the Neighbourhood Watch and the Crime Stoppers program
  • occupational health and safety on farms and farm forestry
  • strategies to prevent credit card fraud
  • study of baroque music
  • childhood obesity
  • people trafficking and criminal gangs
  • domestic violence community support programs
  • program for ‘at risk’ and underage adolescents
  • palliative care and nursing training.

It is hoped that with perpetual memorials like The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, future generations will come to understand the debt that they owe to that extraordinary generation of which Sir Winston was a leader and symbol of dogged determination and commitment to freedom.