About the CFA ACT

The ACT Churchill Fellows’ Association (CFA) is an incorporated association run by a management committee of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members. Being a member of the committee is an amazing way to network and get to know a diverse range of Fellows.

What makes a Churchill Fellow

The hallmarks of a Churchill Fellow is that they are all invariably talented, they all have the ability to go that little bit extra and they all have a willingness to share the results of their Fellowship with the community upon their return to Australia. They are exceptional people who have made and are continuing to make an important contribution to our society. They are committed people who want to make a real difference.

Current Committee

The current 2023 ACT CFA Committee members are:

  • Jacinta Evans (President)
  • Helen Palethorpe (Treasurer)
  • Gemma Black
  • Jessica Colleu
  • Matthew Harper
  • Robyn Lewis
  • Amanda McCue
  • Peter Minson
  • Kate Tonacia

Key Activities

Our key activities are:

  • Annual Dinner where new Churchill Fellows are welcomed and Churchill Medallions are presented to Fellows who have lodged their reports. We also hold a brief AGM.

  • ‘Churchill Chats” where returned Fellows share their experiences (open to the public)

  • Annual “Drinks on the House” is our informal Christmas gathering

We also occasionally hold other ad-hoc events and welcome suggestions and ideas.

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