Keep calm and submit

2022 Churchill Fellowship applications close tomorrow Thursday 28 April 5pm AEST.

Have your referees submitted their references? Remember, you can not submit your application without both a personal and project reference. See below the referee process.

The following information guides you through the referee process for your application:

1.      the applicant (you) enters referee’s details in the application. You will need to request one personal reference and one project reference

2.      this will trigger an email request to the referee to hop in and provide their reference – 4 questions, 400 characters (max) for each response

3.      the referee can go in and submit their reference

4.      once the referee has submitted, you will then receive an email (one email per referee)

5.      after both of your referees have submitted a reference, you can now go in your application, select the two references you wish to include as part of your application

6.      and submit your application!

If you have any questions about your application or require assistance, please contact the Churchill Trust Team through our website contact form or call 02 6247 8333

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