Selection Process



2020 Application Timeline 

Application Timeline


Regional Committees

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in Australia is represented in each State and Territory by a Regional Committee and in some instances also Panels which are responsible for assessing all applications received in that State or Territory. The Committees typically consist of a Chairman and
6-10 members who come from a diverse range of backgrounds with expertise across many fields.

Assessment Process

Applications open 1 February and close 30 April 2020. After applications have closed all applicants are sent an official acknowledgement of receipt via email or post. Every application is initially assessed by the appropriate Panel or Committee. Panel and Committee members are free to make any inquiries and consult with whoever they consider necessary in making their assessments.

Every application for a Churchill Fellowship must be assessed on the merit of the proposed project. In this assessment the Trust considers that there are two distinct components of equal value:

  1. Project – which may include matters such as the following:
    1. The need for this project in Australia at either a State, Territory or national level
    2. The benefits of the project to Australia at either a State, Territory or national level
    3. The itinerary and places selected
    4. The necessity to travel overseas
    5. The achievability of the project.

  2. Applicant – which may include matters such as the following:
    1. Ability to maximise the opportunity of a Fellowship (current standing and experience in the field, skills and/or expertise)
    2. Ability and commitment to make a difference after the trip (ongoing involvement in the field, leadership qualities, a strategic approach, networks)
    3. Ability and commitment to widely disseminate findings.

Short-listing Process

Based on the initial assessment applicants are short-listed for interview.

The Regional Secretary is responsible for contacting those applicants short-listed for an interview to arrange suitable interview times.

It is essential that the applicant is contactable at all times and it would be wise to make alternative arrangements if an applicant is likely to be away from their normal place of work or residence as detailed on their Application Form.

Applicants who have not been selected for an interview will be notified as soon as possible.

The Interviews

For short-listed applicants, the exact timing, duration, and the number of interviews vary in each State and Territory. Some States and Territories may require applicants to attend two interviews. All interviews must be attended in person by the applicant and anyone unable to attend an interview will be advised to apply again the following year. Interviews will be scheduled as early as possible and maybe conducted anytime in June and July including weekends.

After the interviews are completed, applicants are ranked in order of preference by the Committee to determine the nominations for Fellowships that will be forwarded to the National Office. Upon finalisation of these nominations, all applicants interviewed will be advised if their application is progressing to the National Office for further consideration.

Selection of Churchill Fellows

The Trust’s Board of Directors will meet in Canberra, in late September to consider the nominations submitted by each State and Territory. The number of Fellowships on offer varies slightly from year to year and it is expected that for this round there will be approximately 100 Fellowships available nationally.

The selection of Churchill Fellows and the procedures undertaken are at the absolute discretion of the Board of the Trust.

At the conclusion of the Board Meeting all applicants will be notified of the outcome by National Office and successful Fellows will have their details made available to the media and sponsors as the Trust deems necessary.

Successful Fellows should be aware that media contact may occur following announcement (late September). It would be advisable that if successful, you are easy to contact to capitalise on the announcement of your Fellowship within the media. 

Unsuccessful Applicants

Applicants may be advised as unsuccessful at the following stages of the selection process:

  • After consideration at the Regional level. The Regional Secretary will advise unsuccessful applicants by August.
  • Other applicants considered in the National selections but unsuccessful will be advised by the National Office in September.
  • If your Fellowship application was unsuccessful we encourage you to read through the following advice and consider applying again in a future round.