Andrew has been on the ground during floods, cyclones and bushfires, and witnessed the devastating impact of these disasters on local communities. As both a volunteer and staff member with the NSW State Emergency Service, Andrew has experienced first-hand the changing landscape of volunteering, and how communities are mobilising in the face of disasters. Volunteering is not declining, but transforming - and citizen-led response and recovery efforts are challenging formal emergency management arrangements. 

Andrew is currently seconded to the NSW Premier's Department as Associate Director, leading a review of emergency services volunteering, following the 2022 Flood Inquiry.. He is on secondment from the NSW SES, where he led the introduction of a modern and flexible volunteering strategy which includes harnessing the community spirit of spontaneous volunteers. Andrew has previously worked at the National Emergency Management Agency and is passionate about applying innovative approaches to disaster management challenges. 

Andrew has presented at the Australian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) conference, Australia and New Zealand Disaster Management Conference and co-founded Australia’s leading disaster podcast - Me, Myself & Disaster ( He was awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation for innovative service to the NSW SES.

Andrew holds a Master of Disaster Preparedness and Reconstruction and a Graduate Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction from the University of Newcastle, and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Wollongong. 

Andrew was awarded a 2023 Churchill Fellowship to study the mobilisation of communities as spontaneous volunteers in the face of disaster and understand how Governments can better prepare for spontaneous volunteers as part of disaster management arrangements. Andrew will travel to the United States, Europe and Asia to visit emergency managers and communities impacted by disasters.


The Churchill Fellows Association of NSW Churchill Fellowship to learn new approaches for mobilising  communities during disasters

The Churchill Fellows Association of NSW Churchill Fellowship to learn new approaches for mobilising communities during disasters

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Andrew McCullough

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