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Bryce is a respected Australian journalist, author and podcaster -and through his daily news podcast for kids, has become the face of a movement helping kids recognise misinformation when they come across it on the internet.

Called Newshounds -and currently being undertaken by more than 1,500 schools around the country - the eight-part podcast series teaches media literacy to primary school kids.

The idea was born after Bryce watched with a rising sense of concern at the worrying media consumption habits of his own children.

As a journalist of more than 25 years’ experience - and having worked in most of the major newsrooms in Australia - he understood the importance of teaching kids to be critical consumers of media. A skill that has arguably never been more important - with more information coming at our kids than at any other time in history.

Bryce is a four-times published author - including having written the books of former Australian of The Year, Rosie Batty and inspirational burns survivor, Turia Pitt. He has worked as a journalist both in Australia and the UK - for publications as varied as Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, The Times of London, the Australian Women’s Weekly and the Australian Financial Review. He has also worked as a TV producer for 60 Minutes and a presenter with ABC Radio. His daily news podcast, Squiz Kids is the winner of an Australian Podcasting Award for Best Family Podcast.

He passionately believes that media literacy is as vital a life skill as reading, writing and arithmetic, and with his Churchill Fellowship Project, is determined to learn from the media literacy professionals in other countries to build on the success Newshounds has already had and make Australia a world leader in teaching media literacy to our most vulnerable.


To investigate international best practice for teaching media literacy to primary school children

To investigate international best practice for teaching media literacy to primary school children

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Bryce Corbett

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