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Chandni Gupta is passionate about ensuring that digital products and markets are fair, safe and meaningful for all Australians.

Chandni is currently the Deputy CEO and Digital Policy Director at the Consumer Policy Research Centre, Australia’s only dedicated consumer policy think tank. She has previously worked at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the OECD and the United Nations. With over 15 years of experience in consumer policy domestically and internationally, Chandni’s research in the digital fora focuses on exploring the consumer shift from the analogue towards the digital economy, the impact of deceptive and manipulative online design on consumers and the key gaps that currently exist in Australia’s consumer protections.

Through her work at the Consumer Policy Research Centre, Chandni produced Australia’s first study into the consumer impact of online deceptive design, also known as dark patterns. Whether it is making a cancellation process difficult to navigate or embedding a hidden cost through pre-ticked selections in an online checkout, Chandni’s research found that such dark patterns negatively influence consumer choices. Her research exploring common behavioural biases that are exploited in dark patterns was published in the Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law.

Chandni’s research has been widely featured across Australian media. She has presented her insights at various domestic and international events and to various departments and regulatory bodies within the Australian Government.

Chandni holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (with Distinction) and a Master of Business (specialising in public relations). 


To research the impact of deceptive online design practices on wellbeing and strategies to mitigate harm

To research the impact of deceptive online design practices on wellbeing and strategies to mitigate harm

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Chandni Gupta

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