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Christie Pollard (nee Cole) believes that the quality of human life cannot be disconnected from that of the environment, and therefore that maintaining our environmental integrity is key to maintaining our privileged Australian way of life. Furthermore, she believes that it is our duty to minimise our impact to the environment to ensure sustainability, generational equity and to ensure current (and future) generations can benefit from environmental health and biodiversity. She has focused her career in providing economical treatment to our wastewater, to ensure that Australian’s can continue to enjoy our pristine environment even under continuing pressures of increased population, climate change and rising costs.

As a Principal Process Engineer, Christie has been involved in the planning and implementation of many wastewater treatment plant upgrades across Australia over the past twenty years. Throughout this time, the impacts of population growth, and lack of available land for additional wastewater treatment to meet this growth, climate change and rising costs have increasingly caused constraints and challenges to the industry that must be met if we are to continue to enjoy our current quality of life.

Christie has been privileged to work alongside outstanding Operators, Engineers and Planners and be part of projects which have significantly shaped our cities. Her work is focused on intensification technologies to allow the nexus of challenges faced by wastewater treatment plant upgrades to be met. She has presented and contributed to conferences on intensification technologies including Ozwater, Qwater and Aeration Downunder.

Christie holds an honours degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Queensland.


To investigate emerging intensification technologies for wastewater treatment plants

To investigate emerging intensification technologies for wastewater treatment plants

United Kingdom
Christie Cole

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