Debbie Long has a special interest in the medical and nursing treatments that contribute to improved outcomes in paediatric critical illness and improving outcomes in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) survivors.

She is recognised as a leader in the area of paediatric intensive care nursing. Debbie’s vision is to help all children who have survived a critical illness to recover, by supporting health systems to detect vulnerabilities early and enable targeted interventions to optimise outcomes.

Debbie has held senior nursing roles within the PICU and been Nursing Lead for research in the PICU at both the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Queensland Children’s Hospital since 1998. More recently, she is an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Health, School of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and a member of the Centre of Healthcare Innovation.

Debbie has a PhD (PICU Nursing) from Griffith University and a Master of Nursing (Critical Care) and a Bachelor of Nursing from QUT.

Debbie has published widely, in the areas of sedation, delirium and post-traumatic stress in the PICU. More recently, Debbie’s work has increasingly focused on raising awareness of post-intensive care syndrome – paediatrics (PICS-p) and patient-centred health care models for children following critical illness.

She is a member of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses, the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, Paediatric Study Group and the Paediatric Critical Care Research Group.


To explore international PICU long term outcome services and practical management strategies

To explore international PICU long term outcome services and practical management strategies

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Debbie Long

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