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Emma Crimmings brings to her role strong creative, business and leadership skills, having worked as a filmmaker, a Producer for ABC TV Arts, a curator at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the Australian Centre for Photography, Acting Director & Program Manager of Cultural Affairs at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC and more recently as Director of Gertrude Contemporary. Emma is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts’ School of Film and TV, has a Bachelor of Arts in art history and criticism, and has authored numerous books and publications on film and the visual arts.

Currently the Assistant Director, Artbank. Emma is responsible for the management of the Melbourne collection store and the client facing function of the art leasing scheme. The successful management of the art leasing scheme requires a balance of ongoing, consistent client management coupled with innovative business development initiatives.

Emma enjoys working at Artbank as she is committed to the democratic principle of the program and in awe of the simplicity of its business model, whereby the leasing scheme ensures that artwork in the collection is accessible, and out being seen and appreciated in the broader community. It also and importantly functions as a critical revenue engine for the sustainability of Artbank’s operations and artist support objectives.


To research innovative and successful artists residency programs to apply in an Australian context

To research innovative and successful artists residency programs to apply in an Australian context

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Emma Crimmings

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