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Helen Millicer’s vision and work is for a more sustainable future. For her spearheading work, clear vision and contributions she has won national awards, scholarships and roles, and given growing interest she is increasingly featured in media and conferences.

Helen’s strategic approach to future directions via innovative policies and programs has been behind positive shifts in Australia for a more circular economy, and sustainable future for industry, associations and communities.

Through her consulting practice on circularity, energy, emissions, water and products, Helen supports colleagues and clients such as the Australian Government and national industry bodies.

She holds qualifications in business management, carbon accounting and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Helen Millicer is Director, One Planet Consulting; Project Co-Lead Consultant, Australian Government, Enabling Product Design for environmental good; Co-Founder, Australian Associations – Climate and Emissions program; Board Advisor, Repeat Plastics Pty Ltd (trading as Replas); Chair Churchill Trust Australia, Selection Panel Victoria (Agriculture, Commerce and Logistics); Immediate past-Chair Renew Australia (Alternative Technology Association); and Member SPE, Renew, WMRR, AICD, WOB.


To increase recycling and reprocessing of plastics in Australia

To increase recycling and reprocessing of plastics in Australia

United Kingdom
Land, Commerce and Logistics
Helen Millicer

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