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Josef Selway believes in the value of artisanship, artistry and workmanship in a community and believes that these traits should be preserved and encouraged at all costs.

Josef is an assiduous craftsman, creating fine leather goods, shoes and boots from his Brisbane studio. He is the founder and lead artisan at leather goods brand Blue & Grae. As well as his bespoke work for individuals, Josef creates leather goods for a range of clients including boutique hotels, bars and restaurants and has designed and made pieces for various film and TV productions.

With a degree from Royal Holloway University of London, his background in earth sciences and engineering combined with his experience in shoemaking and leather work has given Josef a broad range of skills and a unique understanding of the materials and equipment he utilises.

Josef set out to make shoes after realising that the traditional craft had all but fallen by the wayside in Australia. The journey to making bespoke shoes has led him through many years of self-education as well as professional training with shoe, last and pattern makers in the UK.

Josef has set his sights on Japan as the world leader in bespoke shoemaking, shoemaking education and the appreciation of craftsmanship in general. His ultimate aim is to reinvigorate the shoe making industry in Australia, elevate his own offerings and help others establish a pathway into the world of shoemaking.


To explore and understand the Japanese approach to handcrafted footwear

To explore and understand the Japanese approach to handcrafted footwear

Land, Commerce and Logistics
Josef Selway

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