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Liesel Badorrek is a passionate believer in the capacity of art and culture to both enrich and transform lives when it is inclusive and relevant. She believes that everyone has the right to participate in the creation of art and that new work should tell the stories and explore the concerns of a contemporary audience.

As the founder and director of Loose Canon Arts for eighteen years, Liesel created new work for productions which toured extensively through Asia and the Middle East, accessing audiences of all ages, varied religious and cultural backgrounds and in diverse and unusual performance spaces.

Liesel has created a large body of work for young audiences as well as Cabarets, Performance Installations and bespoke theatre for public events. Her career as a Director has seen her develop multiple new works, including international collaborations as well as working across both theatre and opera with projects ranging from one-person fringe shows to large-scale outdoor operas.

Liesel has a literature degree from Griffith University and has been the author of multiple performance texts including the librettos for three children’s operas for Opera Australia.

Her work in Opera has given her a love for the form that is the basis for her desire to see it transform and expand into an artistic space of greater representation and inclusivity – a space that invites participation and which tells stories that reflect current concerns and ideas and speaks to who we are now.


To investigate the processes of creating opera with and for marginalised audiences

To investigate the processes of creating opera with and for marginalised audiences

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Liesel Badorrek

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