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Nina Earl is a passionate scientist and communicator who combines these two callings to explore the worlds of historic and contemporary science through the objects used to research them. With a passion for sharing stories and empowering women and girls to excel, she is always looking for innovative new ways of engaging audiences in the museum.

As a curator at the Powerhouse Museum, Nina works across the sciences with a focus on managing the health and medical collection. Her recent work involves the development and delivery of successful cross-disciplinary exhibitions, such as Design for Life (2020), Eucalyptusdom (2021) and A Line A Web A World (2023). She is particularly interested in how interdisciplinary exhibitions can help new audiences access complex scientific information and build trust in the research process.

Nina seeks to grow curatorial practice within the Australian Museum industry by volunteering her time as an elected member of the Australian Museum and Galleries Association’s National Council and as Vice President of the Emerging Professionals Network. She is also a member of Sydney Cultural Institutions for Climate Action, a group of cultural staff stepping up to advance climate outreach and sustainability practice.

Nina holds a Masters in Science Communication from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of New South Wales. She is also an alumni of the global STEMM Women in Leadership program, Homeward Bound.


To investigate how museums can engage audiences with contemporary issues and increase STEM literacy

To investigate how museums can engage audiences with contemporary issues and increase STEM literacy

United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Nina Earl

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