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Petra Kalive believes in the transformative power of theatre as a cultural force for positive change. With an unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse range of voices, she has dedicated herself to creating space for theatre that is inclusive and representative of different perspectives.

Petra's expertise as a director spans various sectors, including independent, community, education, and main stage productions. Her fluidity in navigating these sectors has enabled her to bring fresh insights and innovative approaches to each project she undertakes.

Petra served as the Associate Director of Melbourne Theatre Company, where she directed a number of works that specifically emphasized minority perspectives, successfully attracting new audiences. During her tenure as the Artistic Director of Union House Theatre, she played a pivotal role in mentoring, nurturing and showcasing works crafted by talented students, many of whom have since flourished in their careers within the theatre industry. In her earlier capacity as co-Artistic Director of Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, Petra demonstrated commitment to community engagement, working with the ensemble to create performances from real-life stories and experiences shared by the audience.

In addition to her contributions within established companies, Petra has continued her own creative endeavours as a writer and director. In this work too, she has consistently sought to empower and advocate for marginalized perspectives, striving to dismantle barriers to inclusion and accessibility.

Petra has received numerous accolades for her work, garnering nominations from the Green Room Awards, recognition as a finalist for the inaugural Helen Noonan Prize, and acknowledgment from the NSW Premier Literary Awards for her play, 'Oil Babies'.

Petra holds a Master of Fine Art (Directing Practice) from the Victorian College of the Arts, as well as an Associate Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.


The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to learn how to create extraordinary professional 'public theatre' with, for, and by community

The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to learn how to create extraordinary professional 'public theatre' with, for, and by community

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Petra Kalive

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