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Phil McGilvray is passionate about helping people budget, get out of debt, and consistently save money.

Phil is now on a mission to empower parents to break the cycle of financial illiteracy and teach their kids the money skills they were never taught.

Phil is a financial coach and consultant who has worked with individuals, schools, and corporations across 30 countries. Phil has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) and Masters in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology from Sydney University, a Diploma of Human Resource and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services from Deakin University.

As a former partner in one of Australia’s leading stock broking and financial planning firms, Phil spent 15 years working as a financial adviser before stepping away from the industry in 2016 to focus on financial coaching and education. In 2016 he founded Money Skills for Life (MSFL) with the goal of equipping younger generations with the practical knowledge and money skills needed to thrive in adult life. Over his career he has had the opportunity to coach hundreds of couples and individuals and teach thousands more through workshops and online courses.

Since completing his Churchill Fellowship Phil has continued his research and is now on a mission to equip and empower parents to become proactively involved in their children’s financial education. He has been interviewed on numerous podcasts and invited to speak at conferences around the world on the topics of financial wellness and raising financially capable children.

Phil is the Founder of The Financially Fit Entrepreneur and a Financial Coach and Educator and Founder and CEO of Grandma’s Jar Budgeting and Money Skills for Life.

Since establishing Grandma’s Jars Phil has personally coached more than 500 couples and individuals, all over the world and helped thousands of others through his live workshops and online courses. His goal is to help people master their money so they can eliminate the financial stress and uncertainty in their lives.

The Money Skills For Life Programs are focussed on equipping our children with the practical money skills they needs to thrive financially as adults. These programs have two key components: Firstly - empowering parents with the knowledge, tools and resources to empower their children to become strong money confident money managers. Secondly - Live workshops and programs for teenagers to equip them with the practical knowledge they need to manage money, avoid debt, invest wisely and simple understand tax, superannuation and all things financial.


The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life

The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life

United Kingdom
Phil McGilvray

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