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Rebekah Gupte believes that her purpose in life is to leave the world in a better place than she found it in, through ethical, practical ways that encourage others to also get involved. She is passionate about contributing to and driving sustainability focused community projects and has volunteered for many years with various environmental, educational and sporting groups. She is a founding member and key organiser of a thriving Seed Saving Cooperative. 

Rebekah’s Bachelor of Science in Resource and Environmental management from the Australian National University gave her the background knowledge and understanding to develop her lifelong interest in living sustainably, and empowering others to do the same.   

After 20 years of owning and running a successful dental surgery, Rebekah made the sea change move, and is currently loving life as a pastured poultry farmer on Norfolk Island, learning and using regenerative agricultural techniques to improve the land she is working on.

Rebekah is focused on developing and enhancing food security on the island.  She used her Churchill Fellowship to study small scale food processing in other regional and remote places to enable her to establish a community owned and run local food processing enterprise. This initiative will support growers and ensure a more constant supply of locally grown food available for everyone.

Rebekah has over 30 years of board experience, having been involved with School Boards, Sporting groups and environmentally focused community organisations. From establishing an environment centre at her sons’ Primary school to volunteering at the hockey for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Rebekah has always been hands on with the things she is passionate about.


To establish a community owned, not-for-profit, food processing facility for Norfolk Island.

To establish a community owned, not-for-profit, food processing facility for Norfolk Island.

New Zealand
Land, Commerce and Logistics
Rebekah Gupte

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