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Rosemary Nabulwad is a senior Kurduwil traditional owner from West Arnhem Land. Rosemary has dedicated her life to natural resource management and indigenous health through being a director on both, Red Lily Health and Warddeken Land Management boards.

Warddeken Land Management (WLM) works within the Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) of the west Arnhem Land plateau, neighbouring Kakadu National Park. The IPA covers 1,394,951 hectares including the remote communities of Kabulwarnamyo, Manmoyi, Mamadawerre, Kudjekbinj, Marlkawo and Kummaringbang and is managed by 36 indigenous clan groups, including Rosemary’s. Through her involvement with WLM, Rosemary has been a passionate advocate for indigenous land management and was given the opportunity to attend and have her voice heard at COP15: Biodiversity Summit in Montreal, Canada, 2022.

Red Lily Health Board Aboriginal Health Organisation was established in 2011 as an aboriginal community controlled health service. The organisation aims to empower aboriginal people of the West Arnhem Region to address health issues faced in the west Arnhem communities.

Throughout both workplaces, Rosemary sees the many challenges faced in ensuring both health and land management organisations are engaged in employment sustainability and continuity. Rosemary is at the coalface of new employees entering and exiting her home of remote communities, Mamadawerre and Kudjekbinj and is tired by the revolving door of staff. This is what she wants to see change, through better supporting bininj (indigenous) and balanda (non-indingeous) staff, via culturally informed safe spaces.

Rosemary is also a renowned weaver, having recently been commissioned to create a four meter pink marebu (woven mat) for Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. The Marebu will be on display as part of an upcoming exhibition titled Alchemy, curated by Coby Edgar.

Photo credit (Rosemary_WLM): Warddeken Land Management 


To investigate First Nations communities maintaining sustainable staff retention and continuity

To investigate First Nations communities maintaining sustainable staff retention and continuity

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Rosemary Nabulwad

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