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Since his childhood, Dr Scott Hardie has been captivated by freshwater environments – the things that live in them, their role in landscapes and their beauty – and he is passionate about studying them to assist their sustainable management.

Scott is a freshwater scientist who works for the Tasmanian State Government in the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania and conducts independent applied research on consultancy projects.

Freshwater environments are precious natural assets that are facing increasing pressures from the footprint of humanity in Australia and globally. For these reasons, Scott is particularly interested in managing water for the environment and understanding the effects of activities in the landscape on the health of freshwater ecosystems.

Scott has over 20 years of experience in studying the diverse freshwater ecosystems of Tasmania and collaborates with freshwater scientists across Australia. During his career, he has focused on freshwater fish ecology and conservation, the effects of water level fluctuations on lake ecosystems, environmental flows, and relationships between activities in catchments and river health.

Scott provides high-level, impactful science and advice to the Tasmanian Government, water managers, policy makers, non-government organisations and stakeholders. As an active member of the Australian freshwater science community, Scott demonstrates and promotes freshwater science to students (primary, secondary, tertiary) and the broader community.

Scott believes embedding Traditional Knowledge in the management of freshwater environments is strengthening society’s connection with inland waterways and he hopes to support First Nation Peoples on their journey to a greater say in how water and Country are managed.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Aquatic Science (Honours) from Deakin University and a PhD in freshwater ecology from the University of Tasmania.


To investigate approaches to monitoring, disentangling and managing impacts on inland waterways

To investigate approaches to monitoring, disentangling and managing impacts on inland waterways

New Zealand
Scott Hardie

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