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Fellow Year Project Report
Rami Al-Dirini, Rami 2019 To investigate application of advanced (Bio)mechanical modelling and 3D printing for personalised prosthetic design - UK, Italy, USA
Matthew Allen, Matthew 2019 To investigate successful impact measurement approaches for community reuse enterprises - New Zealand, USA, UK, Belgium
Natalia Antolak-Saper, Natalia 2019 To find innovative solutions to assist unrepresented accused in summary criminal matters - USA, Canada, UK
Leasa Ashton, Leasa 2019 To increase quality of life, community and schooling outcomes for adolescents with chronic pain and fatigue - Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA
Deborah Askew, Deborah 2019 To research holistic Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevention in urban Indigenous communities - Canada, USA
Trischa Baff, Trischa 2019 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices in heritage trade training for Australia and establish a trainer exchange - UK, New Zealand
Sarah Bayne, Sarah 2019 To design a science centre that will be the public interface of Hobart's new Science Precinct - Philippines, Singapore, Japan, USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Finland
Timothy Bevitt, Timothy 2019 The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to investigate how intergenerational play and creativity can be used to build cohesive communities - New Zealand, USA, UK, Finland
Clytie Binder, Clytie 2019 To explore education methods and partnership models to support community composting - USA, Canada, Cuba
Paulo Borges, Paulo 2019 The Auto Skills Australia Churchill Fellowship to bridge the gap between autonomous vehicles and individuals with mobility difficulties - USA
Judith Brewer, Judith 2019 To create and expand care farming practices in Australia for autistic adults with acute anxiety - Vietnam, UK, Ireland
Aaron Brown, Aaron 2019 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to research the performance practice of medieval and baroque music - Greece, Italy
James Brown, James 2019 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to investigate the artistic future of Australian Circus Arts - France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, USA, Canada
Bianca Bulley, Bianca 2019 The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to gain international costume tailoring skills to address a national skill shortage in the field - UK
Samantha Burchell, Samantha 2019 To promote quality and diversity in an independent judiciary through transparent judicial appointment - South Africa, UK, USA
Daniel Busch, Daniel 2019 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to innovate career pathways for Indigenous peoples into rural fire service agencies - South Africa, UK, USA
Amanda Cahill, Amanda 2019 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study how climate action can build regional economies that are more resilient, just and prosperous - Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Sweden
Susan Carland, Susan 2019 The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to explore practical strategies for countering Islamophobia - USA, UK
Peter Carter, Peter 2019 To understand international best practice and capabilities of Australian national food traceability - Vietnam, China, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Canada, USA
Petah Chapman, Petah 2019 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to pursue excellence in opera and build international relationships with cultures in which opera thrives - UK, Denmark
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