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Fellow Year Project Report
David Manning, David 2012 To investigate snake management techniques, tools, first aid and educational programs - South Africa, USA PDF  
Matthew FULLER, Matthew 2011 To create a world leading conservation and education facility designed to immerse, inspire and engage Australians - USA, UK, South Africa PDF  
Ian SMITH, Ian 2009 To study veterinary practice, facilities and protocols in open range zoos - USA, South Africa, UK, Portugal, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia PDF  
Shanthini NAIDOO, Shanthini 2007 To research philanthropic programs in overseas cultural institutions and zoos - U.K., USA PDF  
Melissa MERRY, Melissa 2006 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study Raptor conservation and rehabilitation techniques with emphasis on acquiring new skills in Raptor veterinary medicine and in the conservation of Raptors through education via public displays/interactions - PDF  
Gregory JOHNSTON, Gregory 2004 To visit key research groups to ensure sustained quality of zoo-based research for conservation of exotic and native animal species - USA, U.K., South Africa, Zambia, Sri Lanka PDF  
Paul WHITEHORN, Paul 2001 To create partnerships between Australian zoos and in-situ field programmes to facilitate captive breeding of wild dogs in Australian zoos for release into the wild - Zimbabwe, Zambia
Stephen TEMPLETON, Stephen 1999 To study behavioural enrichment techniques for zoo and other captive animals - USA, U.K. PDF  
Gregory MULCAHY, Gregory 1989 To visit zoological gardens that have constructed naturalistic exhibits and to study the reactions of animals to these exhibits - USA
Pam WHITELEY, Pam 1985 To study wildlife management and medicine in zoos and free ranging parks - USA, Canada
Robert BAKER, Robert 1984 To study zoos with particular reference to open-range zoos and breeding programmes for rare and endangered species of mammals and birds - USA, UK, Singapore PDF  
Pieter LEEFLANG OAM, Pieter 1981 To study developments in the husbandry of non-human primates in renowned zoos - USA, UK
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