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Fellow Year Project Report
Andrew Simpson, Andrew 2018 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge of glass mold making for art, craft and industrial production - Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Finland PDF  
Kylie Johnson, Kylie 2017 To study the Japanese art of Kintsugi and explore successful models of gallery spaces for ceramics - Japan PDF  
Stephen Bowers, Stephen 2014 To research specialist collections of historical blue and white ceramics to gain new understanding, inspiration and skills - USA, UK, Netherlands PDF  
Brian Maxwell, Brian 2013 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study plaster conservation methods and materials to raise the standard of conservation in culturally significant buildings - UK, Ireland, Italy PDF  
Mark DOUGLASS, Mark 2011 To explore new production techniques for blown, cast and pressed glass for lighting and architectural applications - Czech Republic, Italy, USA, China PDF  
Elizabeth KELLY, Elizabeth 2010 To investigate the design and manufacture of cast glass in architecture and public art - Singapore, France, Netherlands, UK, USA, Mexico, New Zealand PDF  
Andrea McKEY, Andrea 2009 To research 'painting with light' techniques to tell stories and connect communities - USA, Italy, Germany PDF  
Richard APEL, Richard 2008 To study traditional handed-down German stained glass painting and firing techniques - Germany PDF  
Jane CRICK, Jane 2008 To investigate non-institutional educational ceramics workshops - USA, U.K. PDF  
Itzell TAZZYMAN, Itzell 2008 To further develop my skills in traditional glass carving techniques - USA, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland PDF  
Natalie JENKINS, Natalie 2007 To investigate design and technical aspects of recycled glass in art - USA, U.K. PDF  
Mark HEWSON, Mark 2006 To study architectural glass installation, design and developments - USA, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, U.K., New Zealand PDF  
Shannon GARSON, Shannon 2004 To study ceramic decoration through attendance at Masterclasses and a tour of the great ceramic collections of these countries - U.K., Italy, France PDF  
Leonie NEWTON, Leonie 2003 To study advanced stained glass techniques - Australia PDF  
Gerry CUMMINS, Gerry 2002 To study methods of repainting shattered heritage stained glass - USA, France PDF  
Johanna DE MAINE, Johanna 2001 To study workplace health and safety issues together with the resultant working methods employed in industry, for the hand painted decoration of procelain and ceramics - UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland PDF  
Ian JONES, Ian 1998 To study the packing and firing of large cross-draft pottery kilns - UK, USA
Jane MORRISEY, Jane 1996 To study glass bead making, methods and workshop practices - USA
Peter MINSON, Peter 1995 To study glass lampworking in depth at a high level to improve knowledge both technically and aesthetically - USA, Germany
Les BLAKEBROUGH, Les 1993 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to study the latest techniques used in ceramic production - Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK
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