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Fellow Year Project Report
Heather Thomas, Heather 2019 To increase natural dyeing expertise by investigating established botanical dye studios - USA, Canada, Japan
Peter Castles, Peter 2018 To learn the finer points of the English Saddle, Harness and Collar making - UK PDF  
Andrew Doyle, Andrew 2016 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to learn how to make 18th Century clarinets for Australian clarinettists - UK, The Netherlands PDF  
Adam Edwards, Adam 2013 To undertake advanced training in traditional Hardanger fiddle making - Norway PDF  
Sharyn HALL, Sharyn 2001 To research the transfer of photographic images, including computer manipulated/generated imagery, to fabric and the interpretation of similar images into stitch - Canada, USA, UK, Japan, France
Ilka WHITE, Ilka 2000 To observe and learn from craftspeople practicing traditional weaving methods - Indonesia, Philippines, India, Bhutan PDF  
Jane NICHOLAS, Jane 1999 To research 17th Century needlework, particularly stumpwork and goldwork - U.K.
Paul WEST, Paul 1999 To study hand-made paper production and marketing within the economic and social contexts of isolated Indigenous communities and their papermills - Ecuador, USA, Egypt, Israel
Wendy LUGG, Wendy 1997 To study the processes of designing and printing fabrics for the quilt market - USA, Korea
Judith ROSSELL, Judith 1995 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study at the Scottish College of Textiles - UK
John TRIER, John 1995 To expand the skills and techniques for working with horn and to develop a wider range of products - UK, France, Germany, Indonesia
Kathleen ISHERWOOD, Kathleen 1993 To study advanced floral design - Germany, Netherlands, France
Andrea MAY, Andrea 1993 The Elisabeth Murdoch Churchill Fellowship to investigate computer applications for fine art practice, in particular tapestry - UK
Anne CONNELLY, Anne 1991 To study ecclesiastical embroidery and design and modern fabric decoration in religious settings - UK
Doreen ATKINSON, Doreen 1986 To study three dimensional and sculptural weaving techniques overseas in order to pass on to weavers and to use skills as a foundation for encouraging craft and cottage industries - UK PDF  
Ruth STONELEY, Ruth 1986 To study the historical, social and technical aspects of quiltmaking - USA
Laurette LIDEROS, Laurette 1984 To undertake courses in ecclesiastical embroidery - UK, Netherlands, Belgium
Hal FRY, Hal 1983 To study developments in weaving - UK PDF  
Maureen HOLBROOK, Maureen 1983 To study conservation techniques and classification procedures of historical embroideries, laces and related textiles - UK
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