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Fellow Year Project Report
Evan Marker, Evan 2019 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to train in the art of stone letter carving and observe the operation of a commercial studio - UK, Belgium
Jasmine Jan, Jasmine 2018 To connect and inspire communities through paper sculpture projects that focus on wildlife conservation - Italy, Thailand, Singapore PDF  
Rebecca Morgan, Rebecca 2017 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study the near lost art of Tinsmithing - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Lauren Black, Lauren 2016 To investigate how art stimulates engagement with medical, botanical and historical collections - UK, France, Italy PDF  
Robert Zilli, Robert 2015 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study traditional picture frame making techniques, research and document 19th Century picture frames - UK PDF  
John Dahlsen, John 2014 To work with master artists in elite woodblock and other printing methods - Japan, Netherlands PDF  
Gabrielle Mordy, Gabrielle 2014 To explore processes and structures operating to support artists with disabilities to participate within mainstream art networks - USA, UK PDF  
Timothy Bignell, Timothy 2013 To obtain advanced skills and knowledge in traditional blacksmithing practices through international exposure - Italy, France, UK, Ireland PDF  
Geoffrey Dobson, Geoffrey 2013 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate exceptional public and creative learning programs of leading multi-arts centres - UK, USA PDF  
Jennifer Elton, Jennifer 2013 To investigate the management of house museums and collections - UK PDF  
Brian Maxwell, Brian 2013 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study plaster conservation methods and materials to raise the standard of conservation in culturally significant buildings - UK, Ireland, Italy PDF  
Efterpi Soropos, Efterpi 2013 To investigate, develop and implement aged care dementia immersive sensory art projects - Hong Kong, Japan, UK PDF  
Jane O'Hara, Jane 2012 To research successful international writers festivals using effective and innovative programming and governance strategies to remain relevant and valued by their communities and stakeholders - India, UK PDF  
Kaz (Karen) Paton, Kaz (Karen) 2012 To investigate arts precincts that contribute to civic renewal and cultural identity - Sweden, Denmark, Austria, France, UK PDF  
Jennifer Turpin, Jennifer 2012 To research environmental public artworks in contemporary and historic cultures - Japan, India, Italy PDF  
Susan FISHER, Susan 2010 To study methods for stimulating private sector support for the arts in a challenging economic environment - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Sarah TRACTON, Sarah 2009 To study access modifications in cinemas and venues for audiences with a disability - USA, UK, Israel PDF  
Nicole CANHAM, Nicole 2008 To investigate the positive impact of culture in diverse communities - Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela PDF  
Winsome JOBLING, Winsome 2008 To investigate innovative hand papermaking focusing on specialist papers for printmaking - Singapore, USA, U.K. PDF  
Matthew PERRY, Matthew 2008 To study innovative visual arts projects for people with disabilities - USA, U.K., Ireland PDF  
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