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Fellow Year Project Report
Patricia Adjei, Patricia 2018 To investigate the protection of Indigenous cultural rights in Panama and the United States - Panama, USA, Switzerland PDF  
Joanna BOSSE, Joanna 2009 To develop new curatorial models for Australian art museums to work with Indigenous artists and their communities - Canada, USA PDF  
Jolly READ, Jolly 2005 To study indigenous story telling through theatre/arts/literature involving native title/land rights, determination issues and traditional cultural stories - Canada, USA
Melissa JOHNSON, Melissa 2002 To study innovative conservation techniques and strategies for rock art, as well as the sites and landscapes containing them - USA, Portugal, Spain, France PDF  
Diane MOON, Diane 2002 To further my study and the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island fibre art - Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Noelene COLE, Noelene 2000 To study recording and managing rock art - India, Italy, France, Spain
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