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Fellow Year Project Report
Philippa Stevens, Philippa 2019 To benchmark the balance of access, security and preservation for significant library collections - UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA
Lauren Black, Lauren 2016 To investigate how art stimulates engagement with medical, botanical and historical collections - UK, France, Italy PDF  
Christopher MAXWORTHY, Christopher 2011 To examine Australian historical resources in Spanish language archives of Europe and Latin America - Spain, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, USA PDF  
Lisa WATERS, Lisa 2011 The Churchill Fellows' Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to document the significant work of pioneering naturalist Jessie L. Hussey - Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, UK PDF  
Veronica LAKE, Veronica 2010 To visit theatre companies and investigate their educational programmes for connecting Shakespeare to young people in the classroom situation - UK, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Pauline REYNOLDS-BARFF, Pauline 2010 To study material culture created by the Polynesian women who settled on Pitcairn Island in 1789 - New Zealand, USA, UK, Norway PDF  
Kate PRINSLEY, Kate 2009 To investigate the sustainability of local history and its volunteers in the community - USA, UK PDF  
Tracy SULLIVAN, Tracy 2009 To observe the teaching practices and methodologies of key World History curriculum designers and teachers to aid in the development of a National Curriculum in World History - USA PDF  
Angela GARDNER, Angela 2007 To investigate the establishment of collaborative print/poetry small press for emerging practitioners - USA, U.K. PDF  
Kaye PENDLETON, Kaye 2006 To obtain the necessary computer skills to produce professional DVD's and publications to preserve and make available a photographic history of Norfolk Island and its people - Australia PDF  
Lisa COLEMAN, Lisa 2005 To study the life and influence of Australian picture editor and writer Norman Hall - U.K., France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, USA PDF  
John ELLIOTT, John 2005 To study social documentary photography and publishing to further highlight the Australian bush and Australian country music history - USA PDF  
Jen McVEITY, Jen 2002 To establish contact with publishing houses and agents to facilitate direct channels between Australian creators and American publishing houses - USA PDF  
Paul MCSHANE, Paul 2002 To further Australia's fledgling involvement in the "booktown movement" by visiting booktown locations and meeting key individuals and academics - USA, Canada, U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Malaysia PDF  
John BENNETT AO, John 2000 To enable completion of a work of national biography "Lives of the Australian Chief Justices (1824-1900)" - UK, Bermuda, St Kitts PDF  
Mike LADD, Mike 2000 To study contemporary British poetry and the production of cultural radio programmes - UK PDF  
Catherine MARTIN, Catherine 1999 To study the conceptual, design and production processes for fine art books and catalogues created by and for publishing houses, galleries and museums - U.K., Germany, USA
Alan MOIR, Alan 1999 To research and publish a book on the lives and work of Australian and New Zealand political and social cartoonists who worked on Fleet Street from 1900 to 1945 - U.K.
Mary CALLAHAN, Mary 1998 The Victorian Churchill Fellows' Association Churchill Fellowship to study book design practices - UK, Italy
Louella McCARTHY, Louella 1996 To investigate the teaching of local and community history - UK
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