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Fellow Year Project Report
Luke Cornish, Luke 2013 To establish an international recognition of Australian stencil art through networking and collaborating with highly successful artists - UK, France, USA PDF  
Tracey Lock-Weir, Tracey 2012 To research artist Dorrit Black's formative European period (1927-29) - UK, France PDF  
Ellen HICKMAN, Ellen 2009 The Geoffrey Allen Churchill Fellowship to research the Haemodoraceae plant family of the Americas in order to illustrate a definitive text - Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, UK PDF  
Richard APEL, Richard 2008 To study traditional handed-down German stained glass painting and firing techniques - Germany PDF  
Elizabeth LAMONT, Elizabeth 2003 To study traditional and contemporary drawing practices with emphasis on the use of fabric in women's costume in art works of the 15th Century Italian Renaissance masters - USA, France, Italy PDF  
Irene SUTHERLAND, Irene 2003 To visit children's museums to see how children's picture book illustrations could be displayed and marketed in a way that invites children to interact with them in order to extend their learning experience - USA, France, Germany, U.K. PDF  
Jillian DAVIS, Jillian 2002 To undertake an intensive study of the great muralists and contemporary mural developments and methods - Italy, USA
Naomi GILLETT (Now CHRISTIAN), Naomi 1999 To research material to aid in the production of an illustrated book on the flora of Norfolk Island - Australia
Agnieszka GOLDA, Agnieszka 1998 To participate in and record the ancient surface decoration practices and processes of the Zalipie region - Poland
Mary LAURENSON, Mary 1998 To research the work of Australian colonial artist Nicholas Chevalier - UK, Switzerland, Italy
Michael DOWNS, Michael 1996 To study painting and drawing - USA, UK
Noris IOANNOU, Noris 1996 To research folk art collections and documentation - USA PDF  
Peter WHYTE, Peter 1996 To study photography with particular reference to the export market - Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Japan, USA
Gemma BLACK, Gemma 1991 To study the art of teaching calligraphy - UK, Belgium
Lorraine LUCEY, Lorraine 1990 To work with bone china in slip form in order to produce first quality glazed, or parian blank shapes suitable for china painting - UK
Gilbert DASHORST, Gilbert 1988 To obtain experience and skills in botanical illustration and printing techniques and to gain access to archival material - UK, Netherlands
Morgyn PHILLIPS, Morgyn 1987 To study techniques of silk painting in order to teach to a standard of excellence in Australia - France
Salvatore ZOFREA OAM, Salvatore 1986 To enrich techniques for painting frescoes in Australia by observing Italian Renaissance frescoes - Italy
Fay GOOD, Fay 1985 To study fine art decoration and painting on porcelain and bone china under a master painter at Stoke-on-Trent - UK
Desmond NORMAN, Desmond 1984 To study Byzantine iconic painting - Russia, Greece, UK
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