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Fellow Year Project Report
Edrei Stanton, Edrei 2016 To gain knowledge of historical and current cast stone technology - UK, Italy, USA PDF  
Stephen Hart, Stephen 2014 To study in situ, historical and contemporary figurative sculpture which has revitalised civic space - USA, Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Paul SMITH, Paul 2008 To study ecclesiastical stone sculpture, restoration and conservation - Spain, France, UK PDF  
Berendina DE RUITER, Berendina 2002 To study stone carving in Pietrasanta at Studio Sem workshops/short workshops in Carrara - Italy PDF  
Meliesa JUDGE, Meliesa 2001 To extend knowledge and broaden experience in foundry applications - France PDF  
Matthew HARDING, Matthew 1998 To develop talent for figurative sculpture in wood and stone - Italy, Germany, France, UK
David NUTTER, David 1998 To gain experience by working with the major exponents of large scale free-form forging - Italy, Germany, USA PDF  
Wojciech PIETRANIK, Wojciech 1992 To improve personal skills in bas-relief sculpture for coins and medals design - Italy
Rhyl HINWOOD AM, Rhyl 1986 To study the work of present and past great sculptors and to learn first hand the skills of marble sculpture - Italy, France, UK, USA
Michael TRACEY, Michael 1983 To study modern techniques of casting sculptures - UK, Germany
Ante DABRO, Ante 1982 To study both the traditional and ceramic shell methods of casting of sculpture - USA, UK, Germany
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