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Fellow Year Project Report
Paul Boys, Paul 2016 To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment - Canada, USA PDF  
Stephen Bentley, Stephen 2014 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate effective models of re-engaging traumatised children with education - USA, UK PDF  
Alesha Bleakley, Alesha 2014 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study the dichotomy in technology education of the future, the role of hand skills and the role of CAD/CAM technology in the production of designed solutions - USA, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Finland PDF  
Valerie Furphy , Valerie 2014 To investigate cultural perspectives on sustainable social and emotional strategies that can be implemented by secondary school teachers to support mental health and wellness of gifted adolescents - Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Slovenia, USA PDF  
Michael Morgan, Michael 2014 To enhance the quality of teaching and level of instructional excellence through effective and efficient observation, evaluation and reflection to positively influence outcomes for students - USA PDF  
Ian Balcomb, Ian 2013 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study programs which enhance the work readiness of young people leaving school - UK, France, Greece, Hong Kong PDF  
Neil Bramsen, Neil 2013 To study programs that successfully engage and enthuse primary and middle school students in MES (Maths, Engineering and Science) learning - USA, UK PDF  
Stephen Inglis, Stephen 2012 To study personalised, research-based learning as a subject for senior secondary students - USA, UK, Singapore PDF  
Margaret Mulcahy, Margaret 2012 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to assess environments which successfully re-engage and re-ignite learning in middle year (10-15 years) students - Finland, UK, USA PDF  
Nicholas Wyman, Nicholas 2012 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study new approaches to engage young Australians in skilled careers - Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK PDF  
Louise Zarmati, Louise 2012 To study innovative museum and heritage education programs that use archaeological excavation methods to engage primary and secondary students in the study of history - UK, Ireland, Croatia, USA PDF  
Jayne CLAPTON, Jayne 2010 To investigate sustainable outcomes for students of low socio-economic backgrounds in Australian higher education - Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Finland PDF  
Nicolette HILTON (Now Wheaton), Nicolette 2010 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to study innovative practices that improve engagement of students in science and promote a positive learning culture - USA PDF  
Veronica LAKE, Veronica 2010 To visit theatre companies and investigate their educational programmes for connecting Shakespeare to young people in the classroom situation - UK, Ireland, Canada PDF  
Mark REEVES, Mark 2010 To study approaches to the adolescent experience of a Rite of Passage in contemporary education - Canada PDF  
Matthew WILLS, Matthew 2009 The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study methods to improve the quality and rigour of secondary education in the area of Philosophy and Ethics - USA PDF  
Sharon BUTLER, Sharon 2007 To investigate practical strategies and tools that schools can use to assist parents to engage in their children's learning at both primary and secondary levels - USA, Canada PDF  
Alan GENONI, Alan 2006 To examine strategies to provide effective, appropriate curriculum to students returning to education and training as a result of the W.A. government decision to raise the school leaving age - U.K., France PDF  
Colin ALLEN-WATERS, Colin 2005 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to examine communities/schools successes in education with emphasis on schooling for 13-18 year olds - U.K., Ireland, Finland, Norway PDF  
James BROWNING, James 2002 To study parliamentary education and student government as well as innovative strategies to integrate civics and citizenship into the secondary school's curriculum - U.K. PDF  
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