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Fellow Year Project Report
Matthew Smith, Matthew 2019 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to improve the military transition process through education opportunities and employment outcomes - USA, Canada, UK, Israel
Anastasia Glushko, Anastasia 2017 To investigate programs that support the transition of young people in foster care into university - UK, Hungary, Spain, USA PDF  
Sarah O'Shea, Sarah 2017 To explore best practice in retaining students who are first-in-family to attend university - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Isobel Crealy, Isobel 2014 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate language and cultural inclusion programs illustrating best practice in the integration of adolescent refugee students - Canada, USA PDF  
Robyn MacRae, Robyn 2014 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of photography programs to increase educational outcomes and community involvement of disadvantaged youth in both rural and urban areas - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Robert Mitchell, Robert 2014 To investigate models of postgraduate training in International Emergency Medicine - USA, UK PDF  
Karl Day, Karl 2013 To implement a first class suspect and witness interviewing strategy in the Northern Territory - UK PDF  
Benjamin Veness, Benjamin 2013 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative prevention and early intervention strategies to improve the mental health of university students - Singapore, China, USA, UK, Switzerland PDF  
Marie-Claire Cheron-Sauer, Marie-Claire 2012 To undertake a review of social work education and workplace planning - UK, Denmark, Canada, USA PDF  
Nicholas Marlow, Nicholas 2012 To examine the use of simulation in graduate entry healthcare training - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Gemma McKinnon, Gemma 2012 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to examine programs run by universities and other bodies to assist in entry to law school and to support Indigenous students throughout the course of their studies - Canada, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Larry BRANDY, Larry 2011 To investigate strategies for increasing the number of Indigenous students at universities - USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Karen BURKE da SILVA, Karen 2011 The Phyllis Primrose Whyte Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of teaching science at the undergraduate university level - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Shelda DEBOWSKI, Shelda 2011 To investigate capabilities and frameworks to support university researcher development - UK, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Mark (Richard) GLASCODINE, Mark (Richard) 2011 To improve career advisory support to disabled students while at university - UK PDF  
Maree TOOMBS, Maree 2011 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to study resilience and its potential to significantly enhance the retention rates of Indigenous students at University - Canada PDF  
Bernard FITZSIMONS, Bernard 2010 The Phyllis Primrose Whyte Churchill Fellowship to optimise industry and tertiary partnerships to maximise outcomes from Project Based Learning in schools - USA, Canada PDF  
Jennie NELSON, Jennie 2008 To study the technical aspects of tertiary Forensic Science education and practice - U.K., Canada PDF  
Alan GENONI, Alan 2006 To examine strategies to provide effective, appropriate curriculum to students returning to education and training as a result of the W.A. government decision to raise the school leaving age - U.K., France PDF  
Sara MAHER, Sara 2006 To study Community Adult Education based settlement programmes for newly arrived African women on Humanitarian and Women at Risk visas - Canada, USA, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark PDF  
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