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Fellow Year Project Report
Cherise Donovan, Cherise 2017 To investigate and research effective Drug Court initiatives - USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand PDF  
Susan Gontaszewski, Susan 2016 To investigate the implementation of online prescription monitoring programs - Canada, USA PDF  
Angela O'Connor, Angela 2016 The Churchill Fellows' Association of Western Australia Churchill Fellowship to establish the first 'Sheway' program for pregnant women with alcohol and other drug use - Canada PDF  
Natasha Perry, Natasha 2016 To determine effective treatment programs for young people with complex substance use problems - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Portugal, Norway PDF  
Jennifer Bowles , Jennifer 2014 To review options for residential therapeutic treatment for young people suffering substance abuse/mental illness - New Zealand, UK, Sweden PDF  
Kate Dolan, Kate 2014 To investigate Managed Alcohol Programs for the homeless - USA, Canada, UK, Spain PDF  
Marion Hale, Marion 2012 To investigate approaches to assist pregnant women to stop smoking and remain smoke free after giving birth - New Zealand, Canada, UK, Sweden, Italy PDF  
John Ryan, John 2012 To investigate the adoption of a recovery paradigm to tackle drug problems - USA, UK PDF  
Gregory LEVINE OAM, Gregory 2011 To develop a model for Family Drug Treatment Courts for Australian jurisdictions - USA, UK PDF  
Maxine ASHTON, Maxine 2010 To investigate international approaches that effectively help people with mental illness to quit tobacco - USA, Canada PDF  
Jane SHELLING, Jane 2010 To assess methods for providing professional information to community based alcohol and other drug workers - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Clancy WRIGHT, Clancy 2010 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study methods for initiating cultural change regarding alcohol consumption - UK, Ireland PDF  
Prudence WALKER, Prudence 2008 To investigate models of care for children with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome - USA, Canada PDF  
Kym CRAWFORD, Kym 2007 The Department for Community Development (WA) Churchill Fellowship to study the education of students with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder - USA, Canada PDF  
Margaret KAVANAGH, Margaret 2005 To investigate models of solvent abuse residential treatment programs to ascertain their applicability to remote indigenous communities in Australia - USA, Canada PDF  
Kerry MOORE, Kerry 2004 To examine services, research programs and government policies which aim to prevent drug/alcohol related harm to the health and wellbeing of the unborn baby and improve the parenting skills of women engaged in drug treatment programs - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Myree HARRIS OAM RSJ, Myree 2002 To investigate models of treatment and rehabilitation for people who have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse with a focus on residential models - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Kerry SMITH (NOW FITZGERALD), Kerry 2002 The NRMA-A.C.T. Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship to investigate policies and practices used to deter drink driving - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K., Sweden PDF  
Barbara DENTON, Barbara 2002 To undertake a study of residential and non-residential parenting and family based services that target the needs of illicit drug-using parents with young children - USA, U.K. PDF  
Kate CAMINS, Kate 2001 The Family and Children's Services WA Churchill Fellowship to study effective intervention in breaking the intergenerational drugs/poverty cycle and to gain further knowledge on the connection between parental drug use, economic poverty and child abuse - PDF  
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