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Fellow Year Project Report
Angela Rintoul, Angela 2018 To investigate international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling - UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland PDF  
Dean Maddock, Dean 2017 To witness sustainable prison projects in order to implement better work practices - USA PDF  
Zack Bryers, Zack 2016 The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to investigate the "Cure Violence" approach to reducing violence within at risk communities - USA, Brazil PDF  
Toni Craig, Toni 2016 To Identify world class strategies to improve outcomes for children at risk of offending - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Canada PDF  
Felicity Horrocks, Felicity 2015 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative programs to reduce homelessness and housing stress for low income families - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Claire Seppings, Claire 2015 To study the rehabilitative role of ex-prisoners/offenders as peer mentors in reintegration models - UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA PDF  
Dave Stevens, Dave 2015 To address root causes of disengagement of 'at-risk' students with reference to family dysfunction - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Jodie Zada, Jodie 2015 To study family inclusive programs in the mental health treatment of Defence force members - USA, Canada PDF  
Debbie Georgopoulos, Debbie 2014 To investigate social housing waiting lists to prioritise assistance for homeless people - Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK PDF  
Leanne Hodyl, Leanne 2014 To investigate planning policies that deliver positive social outcomes in hyper-dense, high-rise residential environments - USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea PDF  
Norman Reed, Norman 2014 To create the role of prison based Family Support Workers in Risdon Prison and recruit/develop a team of workers - Singapore, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, France PDF  
Tory Shepherd, Tory 2014 To analyse how national inquiries into child sex abuse affect victims - UK, Ireland PDF  
Lauren Caulfield, Lauren 2013 To research community-based safety projects and strategies to combat gender violence - USA PDF  
Deborah Kilroy OAM, Deborah 2013 To contribute to decarceration through identifying innovative alternatives to imprisonment which could be implemented in Australia - USA, Canada PDF  
Pauline McGrath, Pauline 2013 To review the delivery of counselling support for women undergoing new prenatal technology - UK, USA, Hong Kong PDF  
Lisa Simonetti, Lisa 2013 To investigate the benefits of Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinics as a midwifery/nursing led model of care for patients experiencing miscarriage or potential pregnancy loss - Singapore, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Kylie Agnew (nee Pointon), Kylie 2012 To study adventure therapy and crime prevention programs - Czech Republic, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Marie-Claire Cheron-Sauer, Marie-Claire 2012 To undertake a review of social work education and workplace planning - UK, Denmark, Canada, USA PDF  
John Chesterman, John 2012 To investigate the abuse, exploitation and neglect of at-risk adults - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Tanya Dupagne, Tanya 2012 The WA Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship to research programs aimed at stopping the generational cycle of domestic violence - USA PDF  
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