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Fellow Year Project Report
Lauren Booker, Lauren 2016 To identify two un-repatriated human remains and index overseas archived Indigenous cultural material - UK, USA PDF  
Jodie Ward, Jodie 2015 To investigate specialist DNA techniques for the identification of compromised human remains - USA, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina PDF  
Soren Blau, Soren 2013 The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to study technical aspects of analysis and interpretation of skeletal trauma in medico-legal investigations - Peru, USA PDF  
Michael PECIC, Michael 2009 To investigate practices surrounding forensic examination of crime scenes for offences against animals - USA PDF  
Jennie NELSON, Jennie 2008 To study the technical aspects of tertiary Forensic Science education and practice - U.K., Canada PDF  
Elias MESSAIKE, Elias 2007 To study current advances in ear identification and their application in Australia - Belgium, Netherlands, UK, France PDF  
Kirsty WRIGHT, Kirsty 2003 To investigate improved methods of DNA profiling for use in forensic casework and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) - USA, U.K. PDF  
Alicia EVANS, Alicia 2000 To study the nature and impact of forensic nursing agencies - USA
Rodney MCKEMMISH, Rodney 1998 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to conduct research into new computer forensic techniques - USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Israel
Peter NELIPA, Peter 1997 To study crime scene management strategies, evidence collection techniques and post scene evidence examination - Israel, USA, Germany, UK, Russia PDF  
Sara JONES, Sara 1995 To study the development of practical forensic podiatry skills for use in assisting criminal investigation - USA, Canada
Harold HALLENSTEIN, Harold 1990 To study the jurisdiction and administration of the British Coroner and the American Examiner/Coroner including the provision to them of services in forensic pathology, toxicology, forensic science and police - USA, UK
Warren DAY, Warren 1983 To study at forensic laboratories the reconstruction of the human skull for identification purposes and the interpretation of blood splash patterns - USA, UK, Japan
Geoffrey LE COUTEUR, Geoffrey 1981 To study developments in forensic aspects of crime scene investigation, with particular emphasis on recent trends in crimes of violence such as terrorism - USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy
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