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Fellow Year Project Report
Jasmine Jan, Jasmine 2018 To connect and inspire communities through paper sculpture projects that focus on wildlife conservation - Italy, Thailand, Singapore PDF  
Bradford Mashman, Bradford 2018 To investigate innovative European waste reduction models for dissemination in Tasmania - Belgium, Sweden, UK PDF  
Stuart Smith, Stuart 2018 To identify leading global practice in offshore renewable regulation for adoption in Australia - UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark PDF  
Eric Vanweydeveld, Eric 2018 To investigate proven low-cost innovative water treatment solutions for regional & remote Australia - United Arab Emirates, Oman, Israel PDF  
William Feeney, William 2017 To build a citizen-science program for understanding and conserving Queensland's unique avian biodiversity - South Africa, UK, Germany, Switzerland, USA PDF  
Gabrielle Kuiper, Gabrielle 2017 To investigate the regulation of clean, smart, customer-centric energy networks - USA, UK, Belgium, France, Germany PDF  
Helen Millicer, Helen 2017 To increase recycling and reprocessing of plastics in Australia - UK, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia PDF  
Jason Cummings, Jason 2016 To explore innovative conservation Trust business models, partnerships, policy settings and community drivers to facilitate the adoption and tailoring of arrangements in Australia - UK PDF  
Taryn Lane, Taryn 2016 To transition regional Australian towns to 100% renewable energy by learning from European examples - Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, UK PDF  
Liam O'Keefe, Liam 2016 To investigate the management and recycling of waste tyres to identify how we can better use this vast resource in Australia - USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Portugal, India PDF  
Jacqui Richards (Now Diggins), Jacqui 2016 To investigate the application of detection dog programs within the conservation sector - New Zealand, USA PDF  
Helen Smith, Helen 2016 To assist more people access, explore and enjoy natural places in Australia - Canada, UK, Finland, Germany, Switzerland PDF  
Jamie Brady, Jamie 2015 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to better manage the interface between industrial development and expanding residential communities - UK, Netherlands, France, Canada, USA, Singapore PDF  
Chris Cooper, Chris 2015 To transform Australia's community solar sector by learning from the world's leading community energy organisations - USA, UK, Germany PDF  
Kim Friedman, Kim 2015 The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to understand the management effectiveness of our natural marine assets on a regional scale - Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China
Paul Gibson Roy, Paul 2015 The Ron Badman Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate techniques for producing species-rich native seed crops for biodiversity restoration - USA PDF  
Tyson Grubb, Tyson 2015 To investigate the use of low cost drones for improving environmental research with reduced funding - China, USA, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Clare Hawkins, Clare 2015 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to design enduring methods that engage nature lovers to monitor wildlife population sizes and needs - USA, Hungary, UK PDF  
Kelly Hopewell, Kelly 2015 To investigate the emergent sludge pre-treatment and stabilisation - USA, Chile PDF  
Doon McColl, Doon 2015 To investigate North American Voluntary Environmental Programs to inform reef stewardship models - Canada, USA PDF  
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