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Fellow Year Project Report
Amanda Pagan, Amanda 2016 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the success of outcomes based contracting in disability services - UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden PDF  
Michelle Enbom, Michelle 2015 To learn new ways to manage intellectually disabled offenders including transition to the community - Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, UK, USA PDF  
Simon Lewis, Simon 2015 To explore short term live-in intensive models for intellectually disabled students - Canada, USA, Peru PDF  
Alison Richardson, Alison 2015 To explore disability led practices in theatre and investigate inclusive training and mentoring models - UK PDF  
David Taylor, David 2015 To research models of commercial culinary training/social enterprises for disadvantaged people - Singapore, USA PDF  
Eleanore Fritze, Eleanore 2014 The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to better protect the human rights and dignity of people with disabilities, who are detained and subjected to compulsory treatment in closed environments, through the use of innovative legal services - USA, UK, Hungary PDF  
David Glazebrook, David 2014 To investigate how organisations provide support and education to people with disabilities and mental illness so they can have positive, lasting and respectful relationships and partnerships - Canada, USA, UK PDF  
Alix Goodwin, Alix 2014 To identify programs that prevent abuse of people with disabilities who use direct payments to purchase services - UK, Sweden PDF  
Robyn MacRae, Robyn 2014 The Blakeney Millar Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of photography programs to increase educational outcomes and community involvement of disadvantaged youth in both rural and urban areas - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Jacqueline Barfoot, Jacqueline 2013 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate current evidence-based 'parent-child interaction' intervention methods for children with learning disabilities - USA, UK, Netherlands, Israel PDF  
Pauline Brown, Pauline 2013 To use the kinship system to engage Aboriginal families with the National Disability Insurance Scheme commencing with the pilot in the Hunter region and then statewide - New Zealand, Canada PDF  
Lisa Grant , Lisa 2013 To assist young people with disabilities who have been sexually abused to deal with that experience and likely impacts - Brazil, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Kylee Bates, Kylee 2012 To examine employer-driven initiatives that increase employment participation by people with disabilities - UK, Ireland, Denmark, USA PDF  
Corey Payne, Corey 2012 To research culturally diverse ambition and aspiration building programs that inspire youth of low socioeconomic status or disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their studies - South Africa, UK, Spain, Brazil PDF  
Mark (Richard) GLASCODINE, Mark (Richard) 2011 To improve career advisory support to disabled students while at university - UK PDF  
Sarah BARTON, Sarah 2010 To research the content for a landmark documentary about the history of the disability rights movement - USA, UK PDF  
Louise CATO, Louise 2010 To investigate community support and advocacy services for those living with communication impairment following Acquired Brain Injury - UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada PDF  
Louise MAJKUT, Louise 2010 To study respite models which promote social inclusion for people with an intellectual disability - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Timothy ROBERTON, Timothy 2010 To study the innovative community music and disability activities of L'Association Nationale Ressource Musique et Handicap - France PDF  
Samuel MURRAY, Samuel 2009 To assess the impact of compulsory registration and accreditation systems of support staff on disability service provision - U.K., Norway, Canada, USA PDF  
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