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Fellow Year Project Report
Sharon Gough, Sharon 2016 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs for young people leaving care that prevent homelessness - New Zealand, Canada PDF  
Georgina Whiting, Georgina 2016 To investigate strategies for improving access to primary healthcare services for homeless women - USA, UK, Belgium PDF  
Edward Bullitis, Edward 2015 To investigate services and practices relevant to homeless individuals exhibiting premature ageing - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Felicity Horrocks, Felicity 2015 The Department for Child Protection and Family Support Churchill Fellowship to examine innovative programs to reduce homelessness and housing stress for low income families - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Angela Plunkett, Angela 2015 The Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet Churchill Fellowship to develop a model of palliative care services for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Australia - Canada, USA PDF  
Kate Dolan, Kate 2014 To investigate Managed Alcohol Programs for the homeless - USA, Canada, UK, Spain PDF  
Debbie Georgopoulos, Debbie 2014 To investigate social housing waiting lists to prioritise assistance for homeless people - Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK PDF  
Molly O'Shaughnessy, Molly 2014 The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative youth homelessness programs - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Lucy Adams, Lucy 2013 To address the negative impact of laws regulating public space on people experiencing homelessness - USA, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Sue CRIPPS, Sue 2011 To review models of service integration that improve outcomes for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness - UK, Belgium, USA PDF  
Claudia MANU-PRESTON, Claudia 2010 To investigate homelessness models of housing and support for people with a mental illness - UK, Italy, Canada, USA PDF  
Christopher POVEY, Christopher 2010 To investigate programs for sustaining the tenancies of high risk tenants - UK, USA,Canada PDF  
Philip MACEY, Philip 2008 To examine problem solving court programs for homeless people and those with impaired capacity - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Lynden ESDAILE, Lynden 2007 To examine new approaches to addressing acute housing need and homelessness - U.K., Ireland, Canada PDF  
Felicity REYNOLDS, Felicity 2007 To examine programs that assist vulnerable and complex chronically homeless people - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Kristen HILTON, Kristen 2006 To investigate innovative strategies for improving legal services to people experiencing homelessness and at risk of homelessness - South Africa, USA, U.K., Switzerland PDF  
Judith MACWILLIAMS, Judith 1997 To examine relationships between public hospitals and homeless persons agencies - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Bryan LIPMANN AM, Bryan 1993 To investigate the provision of homelike services for frail and elderly homeless men and women - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway PDF  
Paul McDONALD, Paul 1993 To investigate accommodation and support for homeless people, particularly those suffering behaviour or personality disorders - USA, UK, Canada, Denmark
Nathan STIRLING, Nathan 1993 The Clarrie Hermes Churchill Fellowship to investigate projects which assist homeless and at risk children - USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark
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