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Fellow Year Project Report
Nick Whiterod, Nick 2018 The Richard Rischbieth Churchill Fellowship to develop world-leading reintroduction strategies for threatened South Australian aquatic species - Costa Rica, USA, UK, Ireland and Sweden. PDF  
Julie Morrison, Julie 2018 To study the use of dogs in court supporting vulnerable victims and witnesses giving evidence - USA, Canada PDF  
Jane Hall, Jane 2016 To improve Australia's capacity to manage wildlife disease incidents - South Africa, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Carly McDermott, Carly 2016 To explore animal therapeutics in the rehabilitation of youth in the juvenile justice system - Germany, UK, USA PDF  
Rikki Garstone, Rikki 2015 To research training and preparation techniques for high-level competition in rodeo timed events - USA, Canada PDF  
Clare Hawkins, Clare 2015 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to design enduring methods that engage nature lovers to monitor wildlife population sizes and needs - USA, Hungary, UK PDF  
Susan Pritchard, Susan 2015 To better integrate volunteer canine search capabilities with emergency services for search response - UK, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand PDF  
Jonathan OEHM, Jonathan 2006 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study advanced techniques in therapeutic and remedial shoeing (farriery) - U.K. PDF  
Graham WALSH, Graham 1993 To investigate the latest developments in drug detection by dogs - UK, Sweden, Holland, Germany and USA PDF  
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