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Fellow Year Project Report
Ben Wall, Ben 2016 To learn traditional and modern production/processing techniques of dates and their by-products - Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Jordan PDF  
Andre JANECKI, Andre 2009 To visit producers and manufacturers of materials and technologies required for the development of a sea kayak for double leg amputees - Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Canada PDF  
Damien THOMAS, Damien 2008 To investigate methods to improve the competitiveness of Australian manufacturing through enhanced technology application - Germany PDF  
Clare LARKIN (Now Sykes), Clare 1998 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways in which women can play a part in heavy industry - Sweden, Russia, UK, USA, Chile
Simon MEYJES, Simon 1991 To study resin transfermoulding techniques for large component fibreglass reinforced plastic mass production, CAD-CAM techniques and aerospace composites applicable to the boatbuilding industry in Australia - Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA
Bernard STOCK, Bernard 1989 To visit academic institutions to study the range, purpose and content of educational programmes available to service the textile manufacturing industry - UK
Barrie HULSE, Barrie 1988 To visit research institutions and manufacturers of scientific instrumentation and equipment and to study their approach to the design, development and manufacture of such equipment - USA, UK, Canada
Ivan HYBS, Ivan 1988 To study the latest developments at world leading research and development institutions and laboratories for the introduction of high technology into the apparel industry in order to overcome its problems and enable it to become a strong export industry -
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