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Fellow Year Project Report
Michelle Tapper, Michelle 2019 To study science video production in digital media and develop a financially sustainable model - USA, UK, Switzerland
Luke Stephen Hopper, Luke Stephen 2018 The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to innovate 3D motion capture methods for dance with leading UK animation studios and research centres - UK PDF  
Jessie Hughes, Jessie 2018 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate best practices for virtual reality storytelling as a tool for social impact - Canada, USA, Germany, New Zealand PDF  
Kavita Bedford, Kavita 2017 To combat violent extremism by exploring international 'alternative narrative' approaches - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Turkey, Greece PDF  
Rita Cattoni, Rita 2017 To investigate convergent technology research for application in remote Indigenous media space - India, Canada, USA PDF  
Rafael Epstein, Rafael 2017 To ensure fake news and extremism don't distort debate while ensuring a diversity of voices - USA PDF  
Nicholas Verso, Nicholas 2017 To learn the process of leading television showrunners - USA, UK PDF  
Ben Tolliday, Ben 2016 To undertake professional development in the field of film score recording and mixing - USA, UK PDF  
Alison Black, Alison 2015 To research engaging and accessible documentaries that can bring about social change - USA, UK PDF  
Brook Dixon, Brook 2015 To accelerate the creation, connection and application of digital city technology for citizens - Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Peru PDF  
Andrea Ho, Andrea 2015 To investigate practical strategies for improving cultural diversity in Australian media - UK, Sweden PDF  
Philip Campbell, Philip 2014 To determine the effects of media images in influencing unsafe behaviour in disasters - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Tory Shepherd, Tory 2014 To analyse how national inquiries into child sex abuse affect victims - UK, Ireland PDF  
Matthew Gould, Matthew 2013 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to analyse the use of social media as a communication and intelligence gathering tool during fire emergency incidents - USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands PDF  
Alexandra Kelly, Alexandra 2012 To undertake placements with social change documentary film companies to learn about impact, distribution and marketing models - USA PDF  
Ian Mannix PSM, Ian 2012 To examine how emergency agencies provide information on radio and social media to communities under threat from fires, floods, tornadoes and tsunamis - Canada, USA PDF  
Leo BAKER, Leo 2011 The Churchill Fellows' Association of Victoria Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods for sustaining production and creative culture in the Australian animation industry - Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong PDF  
Daniel BLINKHORN, Daniel 2011 To develop strategies for composing with environmental sound in fixed-media and live performance - Arctic Circle, Canada, USA PDF  
Janine BORELAND, Janine 2011 To research American models of multimedia storytelling projects for communities - USA,Canada, UK PDF  
Haig BURNELL, Haig 2011 To study alternative methods for delivering classical music to a wider audience - Czech Republic, France, Germany, Finland, UK PDF  
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