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Fellow Year Project Report
Jared Thomas, Jared 2019 To investigate colonised people's interpretative strategies in permanent gallery displays - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Norway
Amanda Pagliarino, Amanda 2018 To develop sustainable collection environment guidelines for Australian cultural organisations - USA, Singapore, China PDF  
Stephen Poropat, Stephen 2017 To explore the impact of continental drift and climate change on Southern Hemisphere dinosaur faunas - Argentina PDF  
Michelle Johnston, Michelle 2016 To expand the understanding of marine reptile fossils of Queensland and enhance outback palaeotourism - Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Colombia, Ecuador PDF  
Judith Davidson, Judith 2015 To research how a World Heritage Listed convict site utilises and promotes heritage values - Australia PDF  
Peter Denham, Peter 2015 To research how a city museum can be a participant in the life of the city - Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Kate Hughes, Kate 2015 To undertake a physical analysis of core reference collection of dated First Fleet artworks - UK PDF  
Zoe Rimmer, Zoe 2013 To explore ways in which museums are engaging with Indigenous communities and showcasing these cultures to a broader audience - USA, Canada, UK, France PDF  
Mark COLEGRAVE, Mark 2011 To develop skills to improve lighting techniques and efficiencies within contemporary and heritage listed museum buildings - USA, UK, France, Germany, New Zealand PDF  
David ELLIOTT OAM, David 2011 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to undertake a natural history concept and design study tour to assist with the concept planning of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum - Canada, USA PDF  
Allison RUSSELL, Allison 2010 The Churchill Fellows' Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to study innovative museum outreach programs which respond to community needs - UK PDF  
Travis TIDDY, Travis 2010 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to conduct research into post-industrial sites for community development and geo-tourism opportunities - Italy, Germany, Spain, UK PDF  
Janice NITSCHKE AM, Janice 2005 The Professor Jean Primrose Whyte Churchill Fellowship to study the evolving role of the public library in the community and how they participate in community initiatives with the goal of service integration - U.K., Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada, USA PDF  
David NEWELL, David 1973 To undertake observations and practical studies in cartographic restoration - USA, UK PDF  
William ELLIS OBE, William 1968 To study facilities and methods of museums and the means by which these institutions are blended into the cultural, educational and economic life of the communities they serve - USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy
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