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Fellow Year Project Report
Angela Rintoul, Angela 2018 To investigate international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling - UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland PDF  
Steven Caruana, Steven 2017 To enhance best practice inspection methodologies for oversight bodies with an Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture focus - UK, Norway, Switzerland, Malta, Greece, New Zealand PDF  
Stephanie Cousins, Stephanie 2017 To identify safe pathways for refugees and asylum seekers - Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Canada, USA PDF  
Michelle (Shelly) Dival, Michelle (Shelly) 2017 To study specialised building design of homes/work places for individuals on the autism spectrum - USA, France, Netherlands, Denmark, UK PDF  
Cherise Donovan, Cherise 2017 To investigate and research effective Drug Court initiatives - USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand PDF  
Anastasia Glushko, Anastasia 2017 To investigate programs that support the transition of young people in foster care into university - UK, Hungary, Spain, USA PDF  
Jorgen Gullestrup, Jorgen 2017 To investigate and understand approaches to workplace suicide prevention and mental health globally - Switzerland, Denmark, UK, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Yasmin Khan, Yasmin 2017 To look at best practice methods to support victims of domestic violence from the Indian subcontinent - Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Robert Lawson, Robert 2017 To investigate transition programs from school to work for students with disability - USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Dean Maddock, Dean 2017 To witness sustainable prison projects in order to implement better work practices - USA PDF  
Netanela Mizrahi, Netanela 2017 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to examine the impact of music-based interventions for communities that experience significant trauma - USA, Ireland PDF  
Rebecca Sng, Rebecca 2017 To investigate international programs supporting parenting following family and domestic violence - USA, UK PDF  
Greg Turner, Greg 2017 To gain knowledge to further support the mental health of refugees settling in Australia - USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, UK PDF  
Ben Bjarnesen, Ben 2016 To enhance police response to LGBTI domestic violence - UK, Netherlands, Canada, USA PDF  
Lauren Booker, Lauren 2016 To identify two un-repatriated human remains and index overseas archived Indigenous cultural material - UK, USA PDF  
Zack Bryers, Zack 2016 The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to investigate the "Cure Violence" approach to reducing violence within at risk communities - USA, Brazil PDF  
Julie Buxton, Julie 2016 To explore truth and reconciliation models to acknowledge cultural rights of Indigenous Australians - South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, Sweden PDF  
Jessica Cocks, Jessica 2016 To research innovative parent /family inclusion and partnership approaches in child welfare - USA, Canada, Norway, UK PDF  
Toni Craig, Toni 2016 To Identify world class strategies to improve outcomes for children at risk of offending - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Canada PDF  
Donna Cross, Donna 2016 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to enhance school and family awareness of young children's developmental needs in online environments - USA PDF  
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