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Fellow Year Project Report
Adam Dickenson, Adam 2019 To improve community health and wealth through the creation of engineered whitewater/surf facilities - New Zealand, Canada, USA, Germany
Kate Mahony, Kate 2018 To investigate best practice Sports Science and Sports Medicine (SSSM) care of the female athlete - Japan, Qatar, UK, Norway, Sweden, USA PDF  
Julia Symons, Julia 2017 To investigate elite sports environments that enable culturally diverse women to thrive - New Zealand, USA, UK PDF  
Helen Smith, Helen 2016 To assist more people access, explore and enjoy natural places in Australia - Canada, UK, Finland, Germany, Switzerland PDF  
Priscilla LEESON, Priscilla 2011 To study training techniques for Western horse riding with particular emphasis on the Reining discipline - USA, Canada PDF  
Linton KERBER, Linton 2008 To study approaches to community sport and recreation infrastructure provision - Canada PDF  
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