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Fellow Year Project Report
Rita Cattoni, Rita 2017 To investigate convergent technology research for application in remote Indigenous media space - India, Canada, USA PDF  
Marcus Mulcahy, Marcus 2017 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to optimise digital technology learning and skills in primary schools - USA PDF  
Kip Mcintyre, Kip 2016 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research and master the rare craft of traditional restoration in coach-building and panel beating - Italy, UK, USA
Timothy McLennan, Timothy 2016 To improve independence and access for people with a disability using innovative Assistive Technology - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland PDF  
Tyson Grubb, Tyson 2015 To investigate the use of low cost drones for improving environmental research with reduced funding - China, USA, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, UK PDF  
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