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Fellow Year Project Report
Marlene Kranz, Marlene 2017 To research eco leather, sustainable design and further develop the 'Art of Shoemaking' - Netherlands, UK, Spain, Italy PDF  
Hazel MacTavish-West, Hazel 2017 To review state-of-the-art approaches to food innovation for value-added, convenient, healthy foods - Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland PDF  
Sarah May, Sarah 2017 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to research international models for reducing food waste - New Zealand, UK, Denmark, USA, United Arab Emirates PDF  
Rebecca Morgan, Rebecca 2017 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study the near lost art of Tinsmithing - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Paul Boys, Paul 2016 To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment - Canada, USA PDF  
Belinda Cook, Belinda 2016 To research the growing global Indigenous fashion industry to support a Kimberley textile industry - USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore PDF  
Adam James, Adam 2016 To study both age old and key new techniques in vegetable and legume fermentation - Denmark, Italy, China, Korea, Japan PDF  
Jed Long, Jed 2016 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to research bamboo construction and treatment methods to develop Australia's bamboo industry - Indonesia, Colombia, Netherlands PDF  
Cameron Matthews, Cameron 2016 To research and develop improved sustainability practices for high end restaurants and food outlets - Spain, USA, Denmark, UK PDF  
Kelvin Slade, Kelvin 2016 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research legionella training and implement a course to educate plumbers on infrastructure treatment - USA, Ireland, UK, Italy, Singapore PDF  
Ben Wall, Ben 2016 To learn traditional and modern production/processing techniques of dates and their by-products - Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Jordan PDF  
Timothy Bignell, Timothy 2013 To obtain advanced skills and knowledge in traditional blacksmithing practices through international exposure - Italy, France, UK, Ireland PDF  
Darcy Henderson, Darcy 2013 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate the potential of green building infrastructure – ‘living’ green roofs and walls in Australia and their role in addressing climate change - Spain, Sweden, Germany PDF  
Ruth McDougall, Ruth 2013 To research new models for the promotion and presentation of Pacific textiles - Papua New Guinea, USA, Canada, UK, Taiwan PDF  
James Davidson, James 2012 The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate flood resilient design principles for mass produced affordable housing - USA, Netherlands, UK PDF  
Anthony Femia, Anthony 2012 [REPORT NOT SUBMITTED] The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to learn the art of cheese affinage and facilitate the creation of a national cheese society - UK, France
Bradley JACKSON, Bradley 2011 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research and develop advanced techniques for the production, restoration and conservation of traditional ironwork - UK, USA, Italy PDF  
Jonathon BARNES, Jonathon 2010 To study timber conservation and repair techniques - UK PDF  
Maurice POTRZEBA, Maurice 2010 To study historic pointing, mortars, gauged arches and niche construction to facilitate the correct preservation of historical buildings - UK PDF  
Oliver SMITH, Oliver 2010 To study the design and manufacture of cutlery - UK, Denmark, South Korea PDF  
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