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Fellow Year Project Report
Sean MILLER, Sean 2010 The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to identify opportunities to support Australian cattle exports to cold climates - Canada, USA PDF  
Christina HINDHAUGH OAM, Christina 1998 To study broad-acre medicinal herb production and export marketing - USA, France, UK PDF  
Tony KENWAY, Tony 1998 To study the design, manufacture and export of fine furniture - Japan, Italy, UK, Spain, USA PDF  
Caroline WELSH, Caroline 1998 To investigate ways to increase the export of fresh stone fruit - Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, South Africa, China, Taiwan PDF  
Nigel SMITH, Nigel 1997 The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to investigate silage production and handling with particular reference to the export market - UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark
Helen LIPTON, Helen 1996 To study quality assurance procedures at all stages of food production with particular reference to the Australian export market - Germany, Netherlands, France, UK
John RICHARDSON, John 1996 The George Weston Foods Churchill Fellowship to examine export opportunities for the baking industry - Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippines
Michael TRAUTWEIN, Michael 1993 To assess the latest breeding programmes and export marketing techniques for stone fruits - USA, Taiwan
Leslie KEADY, Leslie 1989 To identify and research existing and potential problems of chemical residues in agricultural export products - UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, USA
Duncan WOODHEAD, Duncan 1989 To study and evaluate the methods used to produce, package and market sub-tropical stone fruit and specialist citrus crops for the domestic and export markets - USA, UK, Netherlands PDF  
Not GEBA, Not 1987 To study horticultural crops and apply the knowledge gained for local consumption to increase self-sufficiency and reduce dependency on importation - Australia
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