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Fellow Year Project Report
Jasmine Jan, Jasmine 2018 To connect and inspire communities through paper sculpture projects that focus on wildlife conservation - Italy, Thailand, Singapore PDF  
Andrew Simpson, Andrew 2018 The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to gain knowledge of glass mold making for art, craft and industrial production - Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Finland PDF  
Kylie Johnson, Kylie 2017 To study the Japanese art of Kintsugi and explore successful models of gallery spaces for ceramics - Japan PDF  
Rebecca Morgan, Rebecca 2017 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to study the near lost art of Tinsmithing - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Lauren Black, Lauren 2016 To investigate how art stimulates engagement with medical, botanical and historical collections - UK, France, Italy PDF  
Andrew Doyle, Andrew 2016 The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to learn how to make 18th Century clarinets for Australian clarinettists - UK, The Netherlands PDF  
Damien Snell, Damien 2016 To learn the traditional arts and language once practiced on Norfolk Island - Pitcairn Island, Tahiti PDF  
Edrei Stanton, Edrei 2016 To gain knowledge of historical and current cast stone technology - UK, Italy, USA PDF  
Kate Hughes, Kate 2015 To undertake a physical analysis of core reference collection of dated First Fleet artworks - UK PDF  
Jim Pavlidis, Jim 2015 To explore the latest developments in combining modern techniques with stone lithographic printmaking - France PDF  
Robert Zilli, Robert 2015 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study traditional picture frame making techniques, research and document 19th Century picture frames - UK PDF  
Stephen Bowers, Stephen 2014 To research specialist collections of historical blue and white ceramics to gain new understanding, inspiration and skills - USA, UK, Netherlands PDF  
John Dahlsen, John 2014 To work with master artists in elite woodblock and other printing methods - Japan, Netherlands PDF  
Stephen Hart, Stephen 2014 To study in situ, historical and contemporary figurative sculpture which has revitalised civic space - USA, Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, UK PDF  
Gavin Merrington, Gavin 2014 To research the latest heritage stained glass restoration techniques and isothermal protective glazing systems - UK, France, Germany, USA PDF  
Gabrielle Mordy, Gabrielle 2014 To explore processes and structures operating to support artists with disabilities to participate within mainstream art networks - USA, UK PDF  
Vanessa Russ, Vanessa 2014 To investigate how public art galleries construct and represent national identity - USA, Hong Kong, Singapore PDF  
Timothy Bignell, Timothy 2013 To obtain advanced skills and knowledge in traditional blacksmithing practices through international exposure - Italy, France, UK, Ireland PDF  
Luke Cornish, Luke 2013 To establish an international recognition of Australian stencil art through networking and collaborating with highly successful artists - UK, France, USA PDF  
Geoffrey Dobson, Geoffrey 2013 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate exceptional public and creative learning programs of leading multi-arts centres - UK, USA PDF  
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