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Fellow Year Project Report
Julie Reilly, Julie 2017 To identify more effective personal and institutional giving to women and girls - USA, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, UK PDF  
Belinda Cook, Belinda 2016 To research the growing global Indigenous fashion industry to support a Kimberley textile industry - USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore PDF  
William Rayner, William 2016 The Churchill Fellows' Association of South Australia Churchill Fellowship to investigate alternative finance structures for Australian family farmers - USA, Canada, China PDF  
Dylan Gower, Dylan 2015 To explore the designing of local initiatives within regional communities - Japan, Canada, Sweden, Finland
Gavin Ackerly, Gavin 2014 To investigate how to access the entrepreneurial potential of asylum seekers and refugees using a Humanitarian Innovation Platform - USA, UK, Switzerland, Kosovo, Kenya, India PDF  
Jonathan Duddles, Jonathan 2014 To investigate how successful environmental charities have created a culture of philanthropy to build financial resilience and long term environmental outcomes - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Fiona Guthrie AM, Fiona 2014 To investigate the regulation, funding and operation of services designed to assist consumers in financial difficulty both for profit and not for profit - UK, USA PDF  
Anthony Peacock, Anthony 2014 The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to investigate how businesses and universities work together to create innovation - USA, UK, Singapore PDF  
Dean Saddler, Dean 2014 To develop an Indigenous employment and retention strategy that can be utilised across all Australian law enforcement agencies - USA, Canada PDF  
Duncan Ashby, Duncan 2013 To determine how Australian farm succession and productivity can be enhanced through improved leasing practices - UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Mark Bell, Mark 2013 The Australian Institute of Management Churchill Fellowship to study business cluster development and facilitation from European leaders - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain PDF  
Priscilla Brice-Weller (now Brice), Priscilla 2013 To research the factors which make non-profit racism prevention initiatives effective - Poland, Belgium, France, UK, USA PDF  
Brodie McCulloch, Brodie 2013 To explore innovative models for scaling social initiatives to maximise social impact - Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada PDF  
Matthew Pfahlert, Matthew 2013 To study social enterprise incubators/accelerators as a tool for rural and regional renewal - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Julia Agostino, Julia 2012 To assess local government strategies for transitioning communities - UK, Denmark, USA PDF  
Kylee Bates, Kylee 2012 To examine employer-driven initiatives that increase employment participation by people with disabilities - UK, Ireland, Denmark, USA PDF  
Elaine Bradley, Elaine 2012 To investigate rural communities that have rebuilt local economies by supporting networks of small farmers working together - USA PDF  
Nicholas Haddow, Nicholas 2012 To investigate branding strategies for island communities to build competitive advantage, economic growth and stronger communities - Canada, UK, Iceland PDF  
Mike Rungie, Mike 2012 The Geoffrey White Churchill Fellowship to explore roles for people in their 70s, 80s and 90s specifically relating to work, volunteering, learning, sport and networks - USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Anna FLOURIS, Anna 2011 The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate Indigenous youth leadership projects for implementation in remote Australia - USA, Canada PDF  
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