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Fellow Year Project Report
Susan Carland, Susan 2019 The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to explore practical strategies for countering Islamophobia - USA, UK
Aaron Tucker, Aaron 2019 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to enhance understanding of illicit synthetic opioid trafficking and examine border protection programs - China, Canada, USA, Mexico
Fiona Ewington, Fiona 2017 To develop military doctrine on Maritime Trade Operations employment to protect trade interests - UK, Greece, Germany, Portugal, USA PDF  
Carolyn Nixon, Carolyn 2017 To research new, practical methods to fight law enforcement corruption by organised crime - Hong Kong, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland PDF  
Ian Drayton, Ian 2016 To explore the use of creative arts to manage and promote recovery from Combat-Related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - UK, USA PDF  
Giles Pargin, Giles 2016 To enhance understanding of Asian triad societies and the influence on Australian illicit drug markets - Hong Kong, Taiwan PDF  
David Connery, David 2015 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to enhance information sharing between law enforcement, business and community about organised crime - USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Israel PDF  
Katie Bourne, Katie 2014 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to examine the technological resources utilised by international law enforcement agencies to assist in tracing the proceeds of crime - USA, Netherlands, UK, Canada PDF  
Jonathan Lane, Jonathan 2014 To improve the psychiatric care of Australian Defence Force veterans through the implementation of policy informed by international best practice in military mental health - USA PDF  
Paul Biggin, Paul 2012 The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to combat trafficking of women for sexual servitude/prostitution within mining towns through organised crime fuelled by growth within the mining industries - Chile, USA, Canada, Philippines PDF  
Angela BALLARD, Angela 2009 To study sexual assault prevention and intervention in a military environment - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Imad ABDUL KARIM, Imad 2007 To study the investigation and prosecution of terrorism related offences in the public interest - USA, Canada, U.K. PDF  
Robert WAUGH APM, Robert 2004 To examine the command, control and tactical strategies used to manage and resolve high risk and terrorist incidents to ensure successful outcomes whilst minimising the risk to the community and responding police - Israel, U.K., Ireland, Spain, USA, Hong PDF  
Graham WALSH, Graham 1993 To investigate the latest developments in drug detection by dogs - UK, Sweden, Holland, Germany and USA PDF  
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