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Fellow Year Project Report
Jacqueline Charles, Jacqueline 2019 The Northern Districts Education Centre (Sydney) Churchill Fellowship to research best practice in the design and delivery of court education programs for school students - Singapore, UK, USA, Canada
Rachel Kennedy, Rachel 2019 To implement exercise programs for Australian children and young people living with neuromuscular disease - UK, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, Canada
Cameron Paterson, Cameron 2019 To investigate the Creating Cultures of Thinking framework developed at Harvard's Project Zero - USA
Matthew Smith, Matthew 2019 The James Love Churchill Fellowship to improve the military transition process through education opportunities and employment outcomes - USA, Canada, UK, Israel
Suzanne Evans, Suzanne 2018 To invigorate the endangered Norfolk Island language through a pre school 'language nest' approach - New Zealand, USA, Finland PDF  
Farhana Sue Laffernis, Farhana Sue 2018 To identify best practice for university careers services to support Indigenous students - Canada PDF  
Cathy Little, Cathy 2018 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research and investigate a best practice inclusive education model for children with Autism - USA, Denmark PDF  
Katrina Marson, Katrina 2018 The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to research new, practical and effective methods to prevent sexual violence through youth education - Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA PDF  
Phil McGilvray, Phil 2018 The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative methods of equipping teenagers with essential financial skills for life - USA, Canada, UK PDF  
Jessica Rogers, Jessica 2018 To explore language acquisition methodologies for research with diverse and Indigenous students - USA, Finland, Norway PDF  
Jacinta Evans, Jacinta 2017 To investigate best practice in managing violent behaviour in schools including preventative programs - Canada, Finland, UK, Ireland PDF  
Anastasia Glushko, Anastasia 2017 To investigate programs that support the transition of young people in foster care into university - UK, Hungary, Spain, USA PDF  
Adam Grover, Adam 2017 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate First Nations curriculum and pedagogy and apply the findings in the Tasmanian context - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Finland PDF  
Mehmet Mahmut, Mehmet 2017 To discover innovative methods for embedding Indigenous content and teaching into psychology degrees - New Zealand, USA, Canada PDF  
Marcus Mulcahy, Marcus 2017 The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to optimise digital technology learning and skills in primary schools - USA PDF  
Robert Nairn, Robert 2017 To examine the impact of principal preparation programs in preparing leaders for the role of principal - Singapore, UK, Denmark, Norway, USA PDF  
Sarah O'Shea, Sarah 2017 To explore best practice in retaining students who are first-in-family to attend university - UK, Canada, USA PDF  
Paul Boys, Paul 2016 To evaluate international models for the facilitation of trades based learning in a secondary school environment - Canada, USA PDF  
Catherine Doherty, Catherine 2016 The Gallaugher Bequest Churchill Fellowship to investigate cost effective interventions to improve literacy outcomes of primary aged children - USA, UK, Ireland PDF  
Megan Gilmour, Megan 2016 To investigate education system models for maintaining school connection for seriously sick children - UK, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Belgium PDF  
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