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Fellow Year Project Report
Daniel Busch, Daniel 2019 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to innovate career pathways for Indigenous peoples into rural fire service agencies - South Africa, UK, USA
David Hickey, David 2019 To analyse appropriate procedures for the investigation of police critical incidents - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Thailand
Sharni Lawler, Sharni 2019 To examine international techniques for the Family Liaison Officer in homicide investigations - UK, Canada, USA
Matthew Wright, Matthew 2018 To examine Disaster Victim Registration procedures and policies following an aviation emergency - China, UK, Germany, USA, New Zealand PDF  
Sonja Braidner, Sonja 2018 To improve organisational inclusion and fully leverage the diversity employed in fire agencies - Japan, USA, UK, Iceland, Germany PDF  
Courtney Brown, Courtney 2018 Reducing implicit bias errors in police decision making, particularly in time-sensitive incidents - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand PDF  
Timothy Day, Timothy 2018 To examine the operating models of international homicide squads to build our national capability - Netherlands, UK, USA, Canada PDF  
Andrew Emery, Andrew 2018 To review successful service models of firefighters providing emergency medical care to the community - Ireland, Canada, USA PDF  
Mark Goldspink, Mark 2018 To research worldwide practice to inform implementation of Victoria Police Offender Management Project - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland PDF  
Andreea Lachsz, Andreea 2018 To investigate overseas practices of monitoring places of detention - Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Switzerland PDF  
Richard Murray Owen, Richard Murray 2018 To reduce occupational cancer exposures in firefighters through improved initial decontamination - USA, UK, Sweden PDF  
Emily Ragus, Emily 2018 The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre Churchill Fellowship to investigate models for improved aeromedical retrieval standards in international disaster response - USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel PDF  
Gregory Toman, Gregory 2018 To enhance overall safety to both rescuers and those requiring rescue in remote rescue situations - Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Italy, France PDF  
Greg Dean, Greg 2017 To investigate early intervention in mental illnesses for serving police and peer support for former police employees - USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong PDF  
Scott Falconer, Scott 2017 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to create close partnerships with and jobs for traditional owners in fire and land management - USA, Canada PDF  
Debra Robertson APM, Debra 2017 To develop a workplace policing model which builds flexibility, fairness and equity - Ireland, UK, Austria, Iceland, Norway PDF  
Stewart Dodd, Stewart 2016 To examine police methods to achieve a successful prosecution of domestic violence offenders - Canada, USA PDF  
Justin Francis, Justin 2016 To analyse modern methods of evacuation from high-rise buildings and large structures - USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UK, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China PDF  
Anthony Walker, Anthony 2016 The ACT Government David Balfour Churchill Fellowship to establish best practice models for firefighter peer-led workplace health and fitness programs - USA, Netherlands, Italy, UK PDF  
Thomas Duff, Thomas 2015 The Lord Mayor's Bushfire Appeal Churchill Fellowship to investigate examples of extreme fire behaviour to improve the Australian bushfire model - UK, Portugal, USA PDF  
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